Hardine village, north of Lebanon

Hardine is home to 30 churches, many are dilapidated and others have collapsed over time, effectively leaving 20 churches that are still in good condition. This relatively high number of churches is indicative of the village’s important religious status. Some of the churches in Hardine are :Mar Takla Church in Haret Kassab, an ancient church that was renovated in 1830 by Saint Hardini’s father and again in 1871 by by his brother, Matanious, and his nephew, Boulos.Mar Tadros Historical Church, which dates back to the tenth century.Mar Challita, Mar Nohra and Mar Elias Churches, which are all found in mountain caves.Mar Yohanna Chkif Cell, which dates back to the Crusader period and is known today as the “Toubawi” Cell.Church of Mar Sarkis and Bakhos, where the baptism of Saint Hardini by Father Mikhael Thabet took place.Mar Shina Church, which has been standing in the village square since 1844. In addition, the headquarters of the Maronite Patriarchate was located in Hardine before it…

The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2017, Lebanon


tips for Surviving in Lebanon By Dylan Kidson

Lebanon is a complex country of charm, chaos and contradiction. Beirut, it’s capital, is the wild child of the Middle East. The country hasn’t fully recovered from its 15 year civil war, but people are eternally optimistic and live every day as if its their last. With the utmost respect to my Lebanese friends, I bring you the Lebanon Survival Guide: Ignore soldiers on the street. Don't panic when you see armed troops or even tanks, it’s normal. Don’t join any protests or take pictures of them and you’ll be fine. Locals are experts at distinguishing between fireworks and gunshots, so if they if they aren’t panicking you shouldn’t either. Use the triple greeting. The quickest way to fit in (especially if you’re a pale westerner) is to greet everyone in English, Arabic and French at once. Hi, kifak, ├ža va? After that, if you can’t speak the language, simply throw in the three most common expressions every few minutes: Laaa (you’re kidding, repeated quickly three times), yiiii (reall…

Rise above lebanon

Producer: Two Wheels AcrossDOP: Christian GhammachiEditing: Sebastien LeclercqColour Grading: Belal Hibri(Rez Visual)Music and Sound Design: Karim Khneisser

The hidden riches of Souk al-Ahad, souk el ahad, lebanon

The hidden riches of Souk al-Ahad
Date: Saturday, December 17, 2016
By: Victoria Yan 
Source: The Daily Star
BEIRUT: “[One] shouldn’t regret anything, even if their childhood was very very poor and miserable, and harsh,” Abu Walid advised. “You shouldn’t bemoan it, you know, because this is called an experience.” Abu Walid is among a myriad of vendors who carves out a meager living at Tripoli’s Souk al-Ahad (Sunday Market). His is among the assortment of voices that aspiring filmmaker Yahya Mourad has compiled for his forthcoming documentary project “Sunday Market: Tripoli.” For the past 11 months, the 25-year-old Tripoli native has been working to embed himself within the fabric of this market space, which he learned is as much a treasure trove of culture as commerce. “I was very curious about the market because I used to go every Sunday to look for filmmaking things – like a Super 8 millimeter [film camera],” Mourad recalled. “You can’t find any of these things for cheap ... only in Su…

Vogue Paris : Lebanon Among 5 Unusual Ski Destinations, sky in Lebanon

Vogue Paris : Lebanon Among 5 Unusual Ski Destinations
Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2016
By: Escapes 
In Antarctica Carpeted with powdery snow and studded with glacial peaks, Antarctica has all the ski space must-haves to rival the world's best resorts. With the season upon us, the polar island is organizing more and more expeditions by the day, where you can show off your skills in a veritable winter Wonderland.

Where to stay: Whichaway Camp Antarctica's very first (and unique) luxury camp is situated in the heart of Queen Maud Land. Offering stays of one week at a time, visitors flock to explore the land of ice through seasonal activities, from skiing and paraskiing to ice treks and penguin-filled polar safaris. When the day is done, hit the hay in one of six domes designed by Ryan Ashworth, equipped with all the comforts you could ask for - soft couches and beds, crackling fireplaces and fully-stocked bookshelves..
In India
A must-see spot, Gulmarg is taken…

A street in Lebanon is one of the most expensive streets in the world

A street in Lebanon is one of the most expensive streets in the world
Date: Monday, November 28, 2016
By: World News

The 2016 - 2017 survey of the world's most expensive retail rental locations by property consultants Cushman & Wakefield ranked Hamra as the 2nd most expensive streetin the Arab region and 44th most expensive worldwide.

Last year, Hamra was ranked as the 48thmost expensive rental location and now renting in Hamra costs on average 93$/sq FT. Prime street in Qatar follows Lebanon in the ranking as the 45th where it costs on average 92$/sq FT per year. City Centre in Jordan is ranked as the 50th where it cost on average 65$/sq FT per year. Naturally, the first in the world was named to be Upper 5th Avenue (49th - 60th Sts) in New York - USA where it costs on average 3000$/sq FT per year followed by Hon Kong and Paris.

Rue Verdun and Kaslik are also mentioned in the report stating that 18.1 RE…