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San Stefano Resort Batroun, Lebanon

Conveniently located in the heart of the prestigious summer and night life area of Batroun city, the San Stephano Resort, 250 m after Batroun Conjunction and 1 Km from the Highway, is the ideal choice for both families and youth. It is a special Beach retreat where the scenery is always spectacular, the hospitality is unforgettable & the recreation opportunities are endless. San Stephano Resort offers beautifully appointed, economical and executive rooms featuring an area of comfort and convenient facilities.

Platinum Hotel, Tyr Lebanon

Platinum hotel is located in the heart of Tyre, at a few minutes from Tyr's golden sea shore and at a walking distance from several sites within the city. On the behalf of Platinum Hotel, we would like to receive your guests in our very well furnished and luxurious hotel where we assure you that your guests will be served in the best possible way.

Tyre Coast Lebanon

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is not only a Nature reserve but also a Ramsar site. Located in Southern Lebanon expanding over 380 ha, Tyre Coast Nature Reserve remains the largest sandy beach in Lebanon.

Tannourine Cedars

Covering 12 square km, Tannourine Nature Reserve lies in a splendidly beautiful area and protects one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon.The area is rocky and mountainous with sharp slopes and a deep valley where cedars defy gravity and grow on extremely vertical slopes.

Palm Islands Tripoli Lebanon

Covering 5 sq Km and located on the northwest of Tripoli, Sanani, Ramkine and Palm Island together with their surrounding sea make up the Palm Islands Nature Reserve. They are Lebanon’s only true Islands.

Horsh Ehden

Situated on the upper north western slopes of Mount Lebanon, ranging in altitude from 1200 m to 2000, Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve covers more than 450 ha and is considered as a very important part of the country for its unique biodiversity.

The Bentael Nature Reserve

The Bentael Nature Reserve was created by the Law No.11 on February 25, 1999. In the absence of a proper Management team, the site is managed by the Bentael Nature Reserve Committee under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment.

Al-Shouf Cedar Lebanon

Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve, enclosing the three cedars forests of Maasir Shouf, Barouk and Ain Zhalta/ Bmohray, is located on the western slopes of Mount Lebanon chain and reaches from Dahr al Baidar in the North to Niha Mountain near Jezzine in the South. The Niha Mountain, with only scattered patches of trees, represents the natural southern limit of Lebanese cedar (Cedrus libani).

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