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Temple of Eshmun Lebanon, Phoenician ruins in Sidon, South of Lebanon


Think You Know Lebanon? Think Again…

Posted on 21/11/2015 Lebanon is currently described as one of the most dangerous countries in the world (according to the U.S), this is total and utter rubbish! The country has been hit hard by the Syrian war with tourism nose-diving, but in fact now is the perfect time to visit! Thankfully I discovered a warm, welcoming community who were just thankful to see a tourist.

Why Visit? Here’s my top five reasons to visit Lebanon:
Amazing, tasty food – you’ll never go hungryIncredibly warm and welcoming people who can fluently speak Arabic, French and EnglishVery few tourists, it’s highly likely you’ll have the place to yourself and be the only one at historical sitesUnlike any other Middle Eastern country, Lebanon produces wine and beer and has its own unique cultureEven with all the warnings, I found Lebanon to be a safe place to visit and exploreWhat Is There To See In Lebanon? Where do I even begin? This small Middle Eastern country sure packs a huge amount of adventure in to a sma…

Vision Taxi, Taxi Services in Lebanon

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حصرون، وردة الجبل وعروس المصايف في بشري

Date: Thursday, October 22, 2015
By: تقرير زينة خليل
Source: OTV News

على كتف وادي قنوبين المقدس بتستريح بلدة جبلية لبنانية فوق مشارف الوادي المقدس العابق ببخور النساك والقديسين... حصرون وردة الجبل بيوتها بتحافظ على نمط العمارة التقليدية اللبنانية وهي بمعظمها بيوت حجرية معممة بالقرميد الأحمر... اسم حصرون فينيقي الأصل بيعني المكان المسور والمحصن وهالشي بينطبق على طبيعة هالبلدة المحاطة بسور طبيعي من الجبال والوديان ... كما انجبت حصرون عددا من البطاركة والأساقفة والعلماء الكنسيين والكهنة بشكل لافت. بتتميز حصرون باحتوائها اقدم سوق تجاري بالمنطقة وعدد ملحوظ من الفنادق والمطاعم والمقاهي ومراكز التسلية.وردة الجبل حصرون بتضم كنائس اثرية من اهمها كنيسة مار لابا وبتشكل نموذج للعمارة اللبنانية ومسكن لمحبي الراحة والسكينة ...

New Italian restaurant for the people, by the people

Date: Tuesday, October 06, 2015
By: Talia Abbas
Source:The Daily Star

BEIRUT: An intimate crowd gathered to celebrate the official opening of Popolo, a charming Italian restaurant where you can eat lightly fried cheese truffle balls with mushroom any time of the day, or order a crispy cotoletta alla Milanese with a side of creamy truffle fries. Located in Ain al-Mreisseh with a view of the Mediterranean, the decor is a soft palette of red, heather gray and baby blue with wooden accents. There is no music to be heard, except for the faintest sound of waves crashing in the background. Impressive slivers of homemade tagliatelle are laid out to dry on a wooden rack, while cured meats dangle in the background like chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Popolo by definition means people in Italian. The menu is homely, even comforting at times, and so is the concept: Food brings people together. “When we thought of Popolo’s concept, we didn’t want to open a high-end restaurant where people wo…

Club Thermique, Lebanese Paragliding, Lebanese Adventures, outdoor activities in Lebanon

We made extreme sports our main job because we fell in love with it. Club thermique trusts and values each member of its team who will make sure that our clients will get the experience of a life time. 
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Located in Lebanon, ME, We offer an unmatched exciting environment for adrenaline seekers and nature lovers. You should also note that we are certified in "Safety In Adventures" by the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports

Lebanon, Kesserwan
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Vinifest dates announced, Lebanese wine industry flourishes

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2015
By: Talia Abbas
Source: The Daily Star

BEIRUT: The eighth-annual Vinifest, an extravaganza of local wines and performances, will occupy Beirut Hippodrome Oct. 7-10. At a press conference at La Table D’Alfred on Sursock Street, Ashrafieh last week, Neda Farah, founder and director-general of event management company Eventions, spoke briefly about this year’s theme of wine and tasting, and eagerly introduced Russia as the festival’s guest of honor. In a speech, Zafer Chaoui, president of Lebanon’s official wine association, the Union Vinicole du Liban, and chairman of Château Ksara, said that “wine is our national pride and its reputation has been established beyond the shadow of doubt.” Chaoui implored the citizens of Lebanon and the owners of restaurants to be proud of Lebanese wine and to purchase it instead of imported wines, many of which can be of lesser quality, yet more expensive. Lebanon’…

Places to visit in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

View from Stamatia Hotel
Ayia Napa Monastery
Ayia Napa Monastery
Ayia Napa Monastery (New)
Cape Greco
Ayia Napa Konnos Beach
Ayia Napa Konnos Beach
Macronissos Tombs
Agios Epifanios Chapel

Agios Epifanios Chapel