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مزار سيدة زحلة والبقاع - Our lady of Zahle

مزار سيدة زحلة والبقاع

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My wife and I will be attending a wedding ceremony in Dubai and to be more specific at ‘The Address Hotel’ on the Dubai Marina on the October 15th, 2016.
We have booked on ‘flydubai’ with tickets costing 250$ per person and visas for 120$ per person. I will update you on the comfort, cleanliness and hospitality of this airline.
We are extremely excited for this visit; it will be our first visit to Dubai. We have booked our rooms at the ‘Hawthorn Hotel & Suites by Wyndham JBR’. The hotel looks great and is located near the wedding ceremony. It seems to be at the center of all the action in Dubai.
I will be sharing my experience at this fancy hotel and its surroundings.
We are planning on seeing Dubai Marina Mall, Burj el Arab, Marina beach, and Adventure Waterpark. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Beirut from above, sky view of Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut from above, sky view of Beirut, Lebanon

Lady of Awaiting Mantara, Maghdouche near Sidon - مزار سيدة المنطرة -مغدوشة

مزار سيدة المنطرة -مغدوشة Virgin Mary waits for Jesus in a cave in Maghdouche near Sidon in the South of Lebanon now known as Our Lady Of Mantara (Awaiting).The village of Maghdouche is inhabited by 5000 Melkite Catholics. It is located on a hill south east of the Biblical city of Sidon where Jesus often preached. At the entrance of the village, there is a high tower with a statue of the Virgin on the top. This is the sanctuary of “Our Lady Of Mantara”.

Wadi chahrour, Lebanese villages, baabda district, mount lebanon - وادي شحرور

وادي شحرور أكثر من ضيعة
فكرة و اعداد الشيخ شربل الغاوي
تصوير رامي روحانا
موسيقى المبدع غي مانوكيان

Roumieh and Broumana Hills as seen from above, Lebanon, metn region

Roumieh and Broumana Hills as seen from above. Lebanon, metn region

Tannourine cedar reserve as seen from the sky - 961FastCam

Tannourine cedar reserve Natural reserves in Lebanon, Cedars of Lebanon

كنيسة السيدة الحبشية الرعائية ، غزير

كنيسة السيدة الحبشية الرعائية ، غزير

دير بكركي مركز البطريركية المارونية - Bkerki monastery center of the maronites patriarch

دير بكركي مركز البطريركية المارونية (تصوير من الجو)Bkerki monastery center of the maronites patriarch

دير مار مارون عنايا - ضريح القديس شربل - 22/02/2015

تطواف بالقربان الأقدس من المحبسة إلى الدّير في ذكرى شفاء السيدّة نهاد الشامي في 22 شباط 2015

Procession de l’ermitage vers le monastère à l’occasion de la guérison de Mme Nouhad El Chami le 22 Février 2015

Procession from the hermitage to the monastery in the memory of Ms Nouhad El Chamy healing on 22 of February 2015

Procesión de la Ermita al Monasterio durante la curación de la señora Nouhad El Chamy 22 de febrero 2015

18 Things You'll Never Hear A Lebanese Person Say, Lebanese people

Date: Friday, September 23, 2016
By: Lama Hajj
I mean, you might - I’m no clairvoyant.

1. That's way too much food!

2. I’ve tanned enough this year.

3. I should leave now so I make it on time.

4. Should we walk to [insert location]?

5. Cops make an honest living!

6. I wish there were more motorcycles on the road, and vans!

7. That car crash was my fault, I was speeding and there’s no conspiracy.

8. You know what we need? More sushi restaurants. 

9. I’m going to be level-headed and let that car pass by first.

10. We need another mall. 

11. We have a plentiful supply of water.

12. Honestly, hummos isn’t that great.

13. I love driving around the city to clear my head.

14. This cab smells great!

15. Who is Tiesto?

16. I don’t have a strong political opinion.

17. Valet parking is such a great deal!

18. I just bought my first apartment without selling kidneys and/or applying for billions of loans!