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Jaj Cedars Lebanon

Situated in 2.000 to 2.500 meters high on the western slopes of Mount Lebanon, the Cedars of Jaj are the last remnants of the once-vast Cedar forests of the "Land of Nega" – which reached as far south as the source of the Adonis river at Afqa (Adonis Cave) – of the Phoenicians kings of Byblos*. From these trees came the wood for the solar boats, coffins, and mummification compounds of the ancient Egyptians of the earliest dynasties.

Mayfouk Lebanon

Our Lady of ILIGE is an ancient church located in Mayfouk -Jbeil, a Maronite patriarchal seat for hundreds of years and now a national archeological site in Lebanon. Mayfouk, the town is 66km north of Beirut, it is one of the corner of the holy triangle of Saint Charbel and Sainte Rafka and Bnd. Hardini. It is famous by it's Honey Production since the ottoman empire.