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Tyre south of Lebanon, photos of sour, tyre


Paragliding in Lebanon, outdoor activities in Lebanon

Paragliding takes your breath away. You shall first take preventive measures: make sure the speed of wind and meteorology are suitable. You will sometimes get prepared for paragliding without being able to do it due to bad weather.
Everybody has the abilities to fly but hard hats and sports clothes on top of the casual wear must be worn in order to protect the body from wind. Sunglasses, boots for takeoff and landing as well as parachute for emergency cases are required. Beginners fly with an instructor who is in charge of takeoff and landing. The adventurer shall then enjoy the flight and make the dream of humanity come true. Fear mixed with the adventurer fever add to wonderful scenery especially Jounieh gulf perfectly painted by the Creator.

The flight with instructor costs about 50 dollars with insurance and transport fees included. But if you desire more adventures on your own, you can go beyond established stages and fly the same day with an instructor one time and alone another t…