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Think You Know Lebanon? Think Again…

Posted on 21/11/2015 Lebanon is currently described as one of the most dangerous countries in the world (according to the U.S), this is total and utter rubbish! The country has been hit hard by the Syrian war with tourism nose-diving, but in fact now is the perfect time to visit! Thankfully I discovered a warm, welcoming community who were just thankful to see a tourist.

Why Visit? Here’s my top five reasons to visit Lebanon:
Amazing, tasty food – you’ll never go hungryIncredibly warm and welcoming people who can fluently speak Arabic, French and EnglishVery few tourists, it’s highly likely you’ll have the place to yourself and be the only one at historical sitesUnlike any other Middle Eastern country, Lebanon produces wine and beer and has its own unique cultureEven with all the warnings, I found Lebanon to be a safe place to visit and exploreWhat Is There To See In Lebanon? Where do I even begin? This small Middle Eastern country sure packs a huge amount of adventure in to a sma…