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Souccaria Restaurant Lebanon

A modern and classy cafe-restaurant in the spirit of the new wave of the 21st century's ahwet el ezez. The restaurant is big and has an attractive deco with vivid colors. The menu contains the usual set of mezze-salad-pizza-pasta-burger-and-grills. Arguileh is an almost must there, even though you'll not be much troubled by the smoke if you find a table on the second floor's terrace.
What we were served was fresh and tasty food with good manners. Some clients complain about the service, we were maybe lucky but we were served well.
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La'mouche Restaurant Ghosta, Lebanon

La'mouche is a newly remodeled restaurant and a hooka lounge situated in a beautiful village in the Mount Lebanon. La'mouche offers delicious Lebanese and International food. It has a cozy and modern atmosphere due the chimney in the winter and its beautiful garden in the summer. La'mouche has classy entertainment every friday and saturday night.

La'mouche Restaurant Lebanon