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Fashion on the ski slopes: Get the right gear and go colorful

Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015
By: Ghinwa Obeid
Source: The Daily Star

Before you plan your trip there are a number of things that you need to have in order to ensure that you enjoy the day to the maximum.
"You need pants, jackets, goggles and gloves, and then you need to have the skis, the ski boots and the poles," explained Riad Zgheib, a ski coach. All clothes should be waterproof and warm to protect against the cold, harsh weather on the mountains.
Snowboarders need roughly the same clothes, but the equipment is different, especially the footwear.
"The boots for snowboarding are softer; they're closer to hiking shoes," he said. "Ski boots are made of heavier plastic."

This is because skiers run a high risk of breaking their ankle if they fall and their legs get twisted, while snowboarders have both legs bound to one board and face less of a risk of this happening.
Such gear can be foun…

Ski slopes open, anticipate busy season ahead, Ski season in Lebanon

Date: Monday, January 12, 2015
By: Mazin Sidahmed
Source: The Daily Star

KFAR DEBIAN, Lebanon: The mountain town of Kfar Debian was abuzz over the weekend as ski slopes opened for the first time this season, and local businesses said they looked forward to a productive winter. The slopes were opened thanks to heavy snowfall as a result of "Zina," a storm that overwhelmed Lebanon this past week. Areas located more than 200 meters above sea level were pummeled with snow Friday, reaching up to 1.5 meters at the country's tallest peaks.
The mayor of Kfar Debian, Wassim Samir Mhanna, was full of optimism, saying signs pointed to a strong touristic season ahead.

"In terms of the first day, we can say that it was very good, in terms of the weather and the snow on the ground and roads," the mayor said. "All the indications are great from the perspective of ticket sales and hotel bookings, th…

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