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Divers vie for best photo of ancient submerged city

Source:The Daily Star

TYRE, Lebanon: Divers showed off their photography skills while exploring a submerged ancient Phoenician city at the second annual International Underwater Photography Contest in Tyre. The event, held Sept. 13 and 14 as part of the Lebanon Water Festival, showcased the talents of 10 divers. Festival co-founderSimon Khourysaid he was pleased to see Lebanese divers taking part in the contest. “We are pleased to see that all the people ofTyrehave become more receptive to this event. We chose Tyre’s underwater Phoenician city, which gives this competition a historic edge,” he said. The competition was divided into three photographic categories: macro photography, wide-angle photography and photographs of the ruins. Luis Perez Suarez, a world-renowned photographer from Argentina, came in first place in the last two categories. “I am happy to have the opportunity to dive among other Lebanese divers,” Suarez said. “ Tyre is a good place to dive because there is a lot of…