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Vogue Paris : Lebanon Among 5 Unusual Ski Destinations, sky in Lebanon

Vogue Paris : Lebanon Among 5 Unusual Ski Destinations
Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2016
By: Escapes 
In Antarctica Carpeted with powdery snow and studded with glacial peaks, Antarctica has all the ski space must-haves to rival the world's best resorts. With the season upon us, the polar island is organizing more and more expeditions by the day, where you can show off your skills in a veritable winter Wonderland.

Where to stay: Whichaway Camp Antarctica's very first (and unique) luxury camp is situated in the heart of Queen Maud Land. Offering stays of one week at a time, visitors flock to explore the land of ice through seasonal activities, from skiing and paraskiing to ice treks and penguin-filled polar safaris. When the day is done, hit the hay in one of six domes designed by Ryan Ashworth, equipped with all the comforts you could ask for - soft couches and beds, crackling fireplaces and fully-stocked bookshelves. .
In India
A must-see spot, Gulmarg is taken…