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Dr Sarraf Musuem, Black museum, Kousba


The Printing press of Saint Antonius in “Quzhayya”

The Printing press of Saint Antonius in “Quzhayya” is the first printing press in the Middle East. It is located in a monastery in the Valley of the Saints in the mountains of the north Kaza of Lebanon. According to historians, a movable type printing press was imported from England to the Saint Antonius Monastery in 1585. The first publication was the book of “Mazameer” dated from 1610, and now present in the University of the Holy Ghost in Kaslik, Jouniyé, Lebanon.

Lebanon, Beqaa Vineyards

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Convent St John, Al kalaa, Beit Mery

Beit Mery is considered to be among the richest ruins of Lebanon, compared to Baalbek and Tyr. The village is located at a strategic site between the city and the sky, with a superb sight on Beirut.  
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