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Lebanese talent appears on France’s The Voice

Lebanese talent appears on France’s The Voice
Date: Monday, March 07, 2016
Source: The Daily Star
BEIRUT: With his edgy performance and voice, it was certain that the four judges would turn around for Lebanese talent Marc Hatem in the French version of The Voice Saturday. Singing Hozier’s widely known “Take Me to Church,” 25-year-old Hatem added to it his own style and confident performance.
Garou was the first to turn around, a move that soon encouraged the other judges to follow. 

The audience’s applause echoed in the studio when the song ended. As Hatem introduced himself, judge Mika, who is of Lebanese origin, was surprised.Hatem isn’t the first Lebanese to join The Voice’s French version.

Singers Aline Lahoud and Hiba Tawaji are among those who joined previous seasons and Lukas Abdul is currently competing in the same season as Hatem.