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Ehmej Festival 2013

Wael Kfoury, Ehmej Festival (25 August) Ramy Ayyach, Ehmej Festival (22 August)
Haifa, Ehmej Festival (24 August) 

Fares Karam, Ehmej Festival (23 August)

Ehdeniyat Festival 2013

Fahed El Abdallah Saturday August 03 Fahd Abdallah is one of the gracious men who dedicated himself, he who enjoys a great talent, to transfer the body arts or the folk dance from the traditional stagnant status preserved in the conscience and the memory to a dynamic status that inspires imagination and pleases the eyes and the ears. In 1978, he founded his own troupe for folk arts that participated in various local, Arab and international festivals with several shows. Since that date, he was keen to offer a flexible traditional art open to modernization. He is still running this unique Arab troupe that is seeking to generalize folklore by adapting it to the requirements of the modern artistic savoring. Fahd Abdallah knows how to travel smoothly with his audience from one Arab state to another starting with the Lebanese folklore, passing though the Gulf, Mesopotamia and Syria and ending at the banks of the Nile. With one move of a skilled jeweler, he makes from scattered various folk…

Cabana restaurant, Mansourieh, Lebanon

Cabana, Aylout, facing Matador Hotel,
Mansourieh, Lebanon
Tel.: +961 4 53 10 60 - Mob: +961 3 431 088