Vogue ranks Mar Mikhael staircase among world's best. Beirut, Lebanon

Date: Monday, January 19, 2015
By: The Daily Star 
Source: The Daily Star

BEIRUT: The colorful steps in the Mar Mikhael neighborhood have been featured among the nine most creative staircases around the world by Vogue magazine.
It was included in "Step Right Up: 9 Amazing Staircases from Around the World," along with others in London, France's Angers, Rio de Janeiro, Arkansas, Sicily, San Francisco and Seoul.
"Staircases are normally considered simple, at times inconvenient, pathways," Vogue wrote.
"A handful of artists, though, have experimented with transforming them into alluring art installations," it added.
"From beautiful flower arrangements populating steps in Sicily to the downright bizarre 'Hairy Staircase' in Arkansas, here is a look at the most wonderful sets from around the world." The stairs in Mar Mikhael, painted with vibrant geometric shapes and patterns, are the brainchild of Dihzahyners (pronounced "Designers"), a group of 12 graphic design students from Lebanese American University.
The collective has in recent years pursued public art initiatives with the mission of making Beirutbrighter and more beautiful.
To date, Dihzahyners' beautiful projects are self-funded.
All focus on staircases in the neighborhoods of Saqiet al-Janzir in Raouche, Bliss Street in Hamra, and Mar Mikhael.
The designs on each staircase are unique, with the patterns becoming more complex with each new initiative.

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