Jbeil is crowned Arab Tourism Capital

Jbeil is crowned Arab Tourism Capital
Date: Friday, June 12, 2015
By: The Daily Star
Source: The Daily Star
BEIRUT: Jbeil’s selection as Arab Tourism Capital for 2016 was officially announced by Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon at a news conference Thursday.

The title recognizes the efforts Jbeil has made to attract new visitors and officials hope it will draw even more to the historic Lebanese city. Over the past few years, Jbeil has become a major economic hub and tourist destination. People from across Lebanonand the Arab world visit the city, one of world’s oldest. Its new title crowns a series of efforts made by its citizens and municipality.The city made headlines at Christmas with a spectacular 25.5-meter-high golden tree. 

The elaborate display drew international attention and was mentioned in The Wall Street Journal. The buzz drew visitors from across Lebanon, giving the city an economic boost.But Jbeil did not gain its current reputation overnight. The city’s costal location and its mixture of traditional and modern attractions contribute to its appeal. In addition to the Byblos ruins, the city has become known for its refined seafront restaurants and vibrant nightlife.In summer, the Byblos International Festival draws big names from the music industry to Lebanon to perform. 

This year’s festival runs from July 13 to Aug. 18 and includes such performers as John Legend, French singer Mireille Mathieu and Irish pop-rock band The Script.Visitors can currently enjoy the city’s charms at the Byblos en Blanc et Rose wine festival, which runs through June 13.


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