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1568 Halat Highway, Fidar, Lebanon
Amada Hostel is situated in Fidar, a coastal city just before the famous city - Byblos (Jbeil). Fidar is famous for its beautiful & clean sandy beaches with a lot of resorts and restaurants, such as Bourj El Fidar, Ocean Blue and Abou Philippe to name a few.

To reach Amada Hostel from Beirut, you have to turn right just before the AUL University (Fidar Entrance), go up the bridge and take the first left turn.
If you are coming from the North, turn right under the bridge (facing the AUL University).

The entrance of the Hostel is very clean and has a lot of handmade crafts, and pots, wood work and trees.

You will get a very good feeling about the place; however, the rooms are not as well maintained as the entrance.

Concerning the rooms, the overview is good based on the price, but they need more work and attention.

There is no small fridge, no mop stick for the bathroom, no water, no extra toilet paper, no breakfast... which might turn some people off. 

The hostel has rooms with a sea view and others a mountain view.
The beach is about 5 minutes walk from the hostel. 

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