Hakini Lebneni: A twist on Lebanese cuisine by Cafe Najjar

Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2016
By: Mira Osseiran
Source: The Daily Star

BEIRUT: A new hotspot in Ashrafieh introduces a fresh take on Lebanese dining experiences, complemented by an interesting dessert selection. Playing on traditional recipes with a modern twist, Hakini Lebneni restaurant is inviting to all. Based on heritage and authenticity, the menu boasts a comprehensive selection of traditional favorites suitable for any meal of the day.
The breakfast menu ranges from the variety of eggs to the typical Lebanese assortment of zaatar, cheeses, labneh and vegetables. The lunch and dinner menus feature the original salad mixtures and succulent wraps, not to mention the quintessential cold and hot dishes.
The dessert selection ranges from local to Western recipes, with atypical range of specialties.
More notably is the signature coffee selection by Café Najjar, “A Connoisseur at Your Service” offers its 12 exclusive trademark blends at Hakini Lebneni.
Along with co-founder Mousaad Fares, the M.D.C Franchise System has launched the restaurant last week, its latest project.

M.D.C Franchise System is owned by Georges Najjar and Fares. The two have established local franchises – “La Maison du Café by Café Najjar,” and “Hakini Lebneni by Coffee Najjar.”
Hakini Lebneni fosters reinterpreted concepts of Lebanese cuisine and the experience of a Lebanese gathering, making it the perfect place for lovers of modern Lebanese food and rich Lebanese coffee.
“Since we are offering a new progressive concept, we are targeting all ages, all genders, simply the people looking for Lebanese food novelty and of course the coffee lovers; an afternoon coffee remains our specialty at Hakini Lebneni – Coffee by Najjar,” Fares said.
“We want to be progressive that’s why we created a progressive menu and we want to go international with it and not limit it [to only] Lebanon,” Fares said. “For us to be able to go to Europe we needed something that represents the modern and young Lebanon and this is what we focused on while creating this concept.”

The interior decoration of the new restaurant also offers a modern interpretation of Lebanese aesthetic with oriental patterns and light colors common in the traditional Lebanese homes. The place itself represents the food menu, since it is not like all Lebanese restaurants yet it is oriental. It has the soul of Lebanese culture filled with light fresh colors.

“The concept is great, change is always good for success, at the beginning the food appeared weird on the menu but once you taste it you find the combination is a very different tasty Lebanese recipe” according to Nada Merhi, editor-in-chief of Red Carpet Magazine, speaking to The Daily Star.
“The food is very healthy and my experience at this place is different and great, and we wish Café Najjar great luck in the future” Merhi added.

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