Beirut cooking festival 2016

The much-anticipated sixth edition of the Beirut Cooking Festival is Lebanon’s only event which brings together trade professionals and consumers who share a passion for the gastronomy. Beirut’s only annual cooking festival features entertaining and interactive programs from more than 100 exhibitors, the best celebrity chefs, beverage consultants and lifestyle experts, as well as producers, retailers and restaurants.

+ 100 Exhibitors 
• Food and beverage 
• Organic food 
• Small producers 
• Artisanal food 
• Leading restaurants 
• Accessories and utensils 
• Tableware 
• Kitchen equipment: heavy and small 
• Services (kitchen courses, chefs at home, websites, etc.)

+ 15,000 Visitors Thousands of visitors flock to the show to indulge in a celebration of fantastic food, drink and the art of cooking. 
• The event attracts a public interested in all aspects of cuisine, with medium to high purchasing power 
• It is particularly popular with food lovers and homemakers

Why Exhibit? 
• Promote your product(s) to a new audience 
• Meet client(s) and customer(s) face-to-face 
• Demonstrate your product(s) 
• Encourage brand awareness 
• Launch new products and test the market


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