The 10 Best Airbnb Spaces In Beirut

The 10 Best Airbnb Spaces In Beirut
Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016
By: Heather Jaber
A few years ago, Beirut was late to the Airbnb game. There were only a couple spots here and there that offered lodging for travelers, and even then, they were mainly outside the city. Now, there are hundreds of beautiful apartments in central locations which offer affordable costs and lodging experiences which might rival other Airbnb hotspots, like Berlin. Here are a few of the best spaces in Beirut—foreigners and locals alike can spend a few days in some of the best spots the city has to offer.

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1. Upcycled paradise

This flat has all the character and charm of a designer’s home. Handmade items in the way of décor and furniture give this space a quirky and trendy feel. Modern meets vintage in this upcycled haven, offering funky remnants from the past brought to the now. The rooftop also has a crazy installation of doors and window shutters, a perfect conversation piece for parties and gatherings.

2. Cozy rooftop studio

Even though this is a studio, the view and décor make up for the size. A cutout of a beach scene makes the room appear larger than it is, adding some depth and life to the space. The rooftop terrace has tables and benches perfect for coffee or dinner with a view. Its location near Mar Mikhael also means that all the great pubs and restaurants are within walking distance.

3. Beirut sanctuary

The deep browns and orange hues make this space feel like a big, cozy den. A more sophisticated, refined traveler would snatch up this space, as it offers the perfect place for intimate dinner parties and some evening reading by the fireplace. There’s even a sauna for some extra relaxation time.

4. Authentic Achrafieh pad

If you really want to get an idea of what traditional Lebanese living is like, take a step into this Achrafieh space. High ceilings, paisley bedspreads, oriental rugs, and retro paintings combine to make this feel a lot like Beirut in the 70s. It’s not flashy, but that’s what makes it cool.

5. Charming Beirut villa

There’s something a little rustic and a little modern about this 1906 villa, adjectives which are quintessentially Beirut. Industrial iron beds contrast stylish walls with unfinished paint and living room furniture which is quite simple. The two-story building nestled in the heart of Beirut is understated but charming in its own right.

6. More than a vintage apartment

This spacious apartment offers not only high ceilings and colorful décor, but a twinkle-light garden rooftop for all kinds of intimate gatherings or crazier parties. The balconies offer seating with a view and give an open, spacious feeling to the apartment. Framed New Yorker posters and yellow hues give this space a retro feel. White walls mean that the colorful furniture and knickknacks pop and breathe fresh life into the space.

7. 1940s designer’s flat

Walking into this open flat, there’s no doubt that it was designed with care and attention. Crazy chandeliers, curtains, and artwork create an eclectic mix of colors and patterns which work great together. The charm of an authentic Beirut apartment shines through, with high ceilings and windows which offer a steady stream of natural lighting.

8. Badawi loft

If you’re looking for a beautiful, open flat with natural lighting and tasteful décor, this is the one for you. The layout makes this spot very pleasing to the eye, leading guests seamlessly and organically from living area to bedroom. With a mix of oriental, industrial, and modern design, you get the best of all worlds. The retro but modern kitchen alone will have even the worst cooks trying to whip up meals for guests. An awesome window-paned wall leads to a private balcony in the bedroom and is surely inspiring to wake up to.

9. Artist loft

This place is a bit of a splurge, but a look at it will explain why. Located in Jisr El Wati, this loft looks more like it’s situated in New York. It has a minimalist design, implemented by renowned architects. It’s located in a hub of creativity, next to Ashkal Alwan, Beirut Art Center, and Station, offering endless options for musical performances, talks, and art exhibitions.

10. Mediterranean loft

This one is another splurge, but if you feel like a gorgeous, spacious flat with a view of the sea, this is the one for you. Concrete columns and funky art create just the right touch of minimalist and retro. Light floods in from the open terrace, offering a bright and natural feel to the concrete space. If you have the cash to spend, this is a space worth checking out.

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