Hardine village, north of Lebanon

Hardine is home to 30 churches, many are dilapidated and others have collapsed over time, effectively leaving 20 churches that are still in good condition. This relatively high number of churches is indicative of the village’s important religious status. Some of the churches in Hardine are :
  • Mar Takla Church in Haret Kassab, an ancient church that was renovated in 1830 by Saint Hardini’s father and again in 1871 by by his brother, Matanious, and his nephew, Boulos.
  • Mar Tadros Historical Church, which dates back to the tenth century.
  • Mar Challita, Mar Nohra and Mar Elias Churches, which are all found in mountain caves.
  • Mar Yohanna Chkif Cell, which dates back to the Crusader period and is known today as the “Toubawi” Cell.
  • Church of Mar Sarkis and Bakhos, where the baptism of Saint Hardini by Father Mikhael Thabet took place.
  • Mar Shina Church, which has been standing in the village square since 1844.
In addition, the headquarters of the Maronite Patriarchate was located in Hardine before it was moved to Wadi Qannoubine.
One of the village’s most celebrated occasions occurred in 1998, when Father Naemet Allah Hardini was declared a “Saint”. Hardine and the house of Saint Hardini have been a pilgrimage for visitors since that time, and preparations are now under way for festivals to celebrate the 16 May 2004 declaration that will take place in Rome to pronounce his holiness.
There had been one elementary school in Hardine, but it was closed owing to a lack of students.

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