Massaya wine Lebanon, Pruning day at faqra

Pruning day at Faqra

Wine making is a fascinating process that starts with healthy vines. Every year at this time we carry out a careful pruning of the vines to ensure they will grow strongly and deliver a high quality crop of grapes. And this is a process that you can take part in. We love it when our customers and friends come to help us and you will enjoy having a role in preparing this year's vintages.

First, there are one or two things you need to know. We will provide the tools and give you some basic instructions. You need to choose some sturdy shoes as the ground is often stony. So, to be comfortable, make sure you have footwear with a tough sole.
There's food too. We encourage everyone to help prepare lunch of Risotto and Cabri lamb dish. For those who wish to stay for lunch, the charge will be $25 after the pruning session.

The following day, Sunday April 9, the Fireplace res! taurant presents its new Spring-Summer buffet menu.
It's a sure sign that good times are here.
A good wine starts with a healthy vine

When the new wines are released you will know you helped in the process that made them. That's a good feeling that we experience every year and we invite you to share it too.

Massaya Faqra

Date and Time:
Saturday April 8, 2017
Starting 9:00 am

Complimentary drinks for volunteers


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