Ehmej Festival 2012

Place: Ehmej, Jbeil

Date: From 16th till 19th of August 2012

Organizers: Ehmej Municipality


Ehmej Festival takes place at full green zone in Mount Lebanon, the festival's aims are to boost tourism, promote the Lebanese culture, and spread music and art from Jbeil Caza to the rest of the Lebanese area.


This year, Ehmej Fetival proudly presents 4 Stars in 4 Days:

  • Melhem Zain - August 16

  • Hicham El Hage - August 17

  • Mou3in Chreif - August 18

  • Najwa Karam - August 19


Lebanese music fans are invited to attend this exceptional week and explore in the same time the amazing and beautiful portrait of Ehmej.


How to get at Municipality:

Take the north highway leading to Jbeil, once there exit the highway and take the internal road that climb toward Ehmej going through the following villages: Hboub, Braij, Raas Osta, Annaya, Kfarbaal, Ehmej.


Take the north highway and exit in Naher Ibrahim, the road goes through the following villages: Bir el Heyt, Kouu el Mashnaka, Kartaba, Mazraeet el Siyed, Laklouk, Ehmej.

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