Saber Reba3i performing at Baalbeck Festival 2012

Saber Rebaï is an accomplished artist, singer and songwriter, said to be the prince and superstar of the Arab song. He has been touring the world, the Arab countries, Europe, America, Australia and South Korea, performing in the most prestigious venues such as the Olympia in Paris, the Opera House in Cairo and the Carthage Theatre.

Saber Rebaï has won numerous awards. In 2004, he confirmed his title and nomination by winning the Best Arab Singer Award. In Baalbeck, Saber Rebaï is set to perform a varied repertoire that will sure please all generations, from tarab and romantic songs, to his biggest selling hits such as Sidi Mansour, Ya Assal and Atahada el Alam. He will also perform a new song dedicated to Lebanon. 
Tickets: 60,000 L.L, 90 000 L.L, 135,000 L.L, 180 000 L.L, 225 000 L.L

Saber Reba3i
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