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'3al Ba7er' - on the beach - is located in Anfeh, a beautiful town situated between Chekka and Tripoli. Anfeh has a lot of historic and religious places to be visited but we will be talking about them in later articles, inshalla.

To reach '3al Ba7er' restaurant, ask for Anfeh municipality, continue straight towards the coastal road, you will find a cemetary and an open space to park the car. You will get a negative impression while parking the car, but behind the cliff something very different is about to impress you.

'3al Ba7er' is part of a small estate of around 15 chalets (turquoise and white) mainly inhabited by local families from Anfeh, it's a private place but the locals will welcome you. 

The owners & the staff of '3al Ba7er' are very nice, friendly and hospitable -  you will feel relaxed and comfortable at their place.
You can go swimming while awaiting your meal. The food is average, the music is nice with a one man show. 

So you can enjoy swimming, eating and listening to music all at the same place. 

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