Sawary Resort Batroun, Batroun Resorts

Sawary is one of the best resorts in Batroun! It’s very clean with a semi-closed sandy beach. You will get a very comfy cabin where you can leave your stuff and have a shower later on. Very practical especially if you plan on spending the evening ‘Batrouning’
Sawary is really suitable for families and groups. There is a big pool for adults and one for kids. For the mini football lovers they can play on the green field near the restaurant. The food is tasty and very affordable if you wish to eat at the restaurant; you can also order sandwiches and snacks from the cafeteria as well. For argulieh lovers, you can have an arguileh while sun tanning.
You can have a nice walk and suntan while enjoying the beautiful scenery and enjoying the summer breeze.

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