Turquoise Beach Resort, Tyre, Lebanon, Resorts in Tyre, South Of Lebanon

Tyre has a beautiful sandy coast and a lot of touristic places and resorts. Situated in Tyre (Sour) approximately 2 hours from Beirut, Turquoise is a must at least once in your summer holiday.

Tyre has recently been experiencing a touristic boom due to peace and stability. It's worth the long drive, as this city full of colors and history will surely entice you.

Finding the resort wasn't easy (due to lack of signs), so it's recommended you stay on the sea road and ask for directions. However, once you have arrived, you realize that the resort was well worth the drive.

Turquoise resort resides on a huge plot, where you can benefit from: 

·        Beach (Very clean - Sandy)
·        Restaurant (international cuisine)
·        Swimming Pool
·        Bungalows
·        Green wide area for football, volleyball, Frisbee...
·        Private Parking (5,000 L.L)

The place is clean and well organized. The food is very good with reasonable prices. Be sure to leave early from Beirut to enjoy this place as much as possible.

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